The nice rich tone of the Sukop sounds like strings from the Piano. I Love the comfort
of the Sukop 6. I have been playing for many years, and the Sukop obtains the lowest
(buzz free) action I have ever played. The craftsmanship fits my hands and my style,
great playability. I was so impressed with the 6 string spalted, I also acquired a 7
string Burl Sukop to add to the collection which will be complete with a 5 String
version. Great instruments, and beautiful works of art as well.

Franklin Robinson Jr., Newport News, Virginia

I am amazed with how good it sounds and feels! It just makes you melt when you hear it. I call it my new Wife!!!.....WHAT A BEAUTY!

Kevin Valdovinos, White Plains NY

After a bad marriage a friend advised me to FINALLY do something for 'yourself, man!' This was back in 2003. So I'd always wanted a "high end" bass and bought my lefty SUKOP 6 (#194). It's an inspiration to both play AND to look at! I LOVE THE SOUND!! Keep 'em comin'!


"Excellent Bass, bar none. I've got a Warwick, Tobias, Alembic and several more and I'd put my Sukop up against all of them on quality, tone, and ease of play."

E Ruby, Greenville

"I love my bass. What an instrument!"

KC Creek, Seattle

"I have been playing Sukop basses for 6 years now, and they are the best. I will not play anything else. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!"

Joe Decker, New Jersey

"My #344 has got a serious mojo - you know it's working even by looking at it lying in its case. What a beautiful instrument - workmanship, sound and, oh, that playability! Pure seduction."

Panagiotis Kanellis, Athens, Greece

"I recently bought a 6 string Sukop bass in NYC, and I must tell you, it's the best bass I ever had! It has an amazing construction, tone, playability, and what a sound!! It's great both for studio and live, a real all in one instrument."

Cícero Lee, Lisbon, Portugal

"Words can not describe the joy I get when I pick up my Sukop 5 string #185 and begin to play. It inspires me to create and play the the type of music that comes from my soul. This bass is a true blessing!"

Anthony "Cucch" Cucchiara, Bayonne, NJ

"Not bragging but I have been very fortunate to have owned any bass that I've desired regardless of price. Ken Smith, Fender, Fodera, Roscoe, Benavente, Warwick, Tobias etc...etc... the list goes on and on. NONE AND I DO MEAN NONE CAN TOUCH THE PLAYABILITY AND SOUND OF A SUKOP! The action is so low on my Sukop that it basically plays itself!"

Deon Ragland

"My band played a large scale charity gig in Beverly Hills and George W. Bush was the honorary attendant. He walked by later that evening and commented on my Sukop 5, 'Wo, look at that thing, nice Guitar!'"

Giblin, California, USA

"I purchased a 5 string Sukop bass(#160) in 1998. From my experience with other bass manufacturers, no other bass that I have played, either before or after my Sukop purchase has delivered the pure pleasure of funk'n up the bottom end in the way that #160 allows me to do! Absolutely a true treasure!!! My thanks to Stephen!"

Ray Douglas, Willingboro, New Jersey

"I love my Sukop 4 String! It's the easiest, most comfortable playing instrument I have ever owned. I actually play better on my Sukop! Light weight and comfortable to wear. Wonderful even tone. The most beautfully crafted bass ever."

Les Haley, Connecticut, USA

"Wow...what a bass. Quality is second to none. I have owned Smith, Wal, Warwick and Fender. I must say this bass is my personal favourite. Nice tight and punchy low end...crisp, clear and clean highs... what more can you ask for? Thanks Steve for the best 6 string bass ever!"

Tony, Toronto, Canada

"Last year I tried a 7 string Sukop at Rudy's music store in N.Y.C. and was BLOWN away by this bass' playability, tone and craftmanship."

Gerson Roche, Florida

"Fantastic bass! Great sound and incredible playability!"


"After playing 4 & 5 string basses for years, I picked up this six string Sukop bass in New York in the early 90's. I loved the feel of the wide neck and the sustain it gave so I purchased it... I've used it ever since on my studio projects."

Greg Thomas, Philadelphia, PA.

"I purchased my 6-string Sukop in the summer of 1994. I still love playing it. A great bass with incredible tone and feel."

John Knight

"It was 1998 when I got myself a wonderful Christmas present,.. a wonderful Sukop 6-string bass that taught me how to be a better bass player -- I love my Sukop bass!"

Sebastiano Mereu, Switzerland


"I tried out my first Sukop 6-String single cut-away, semi hollow body at the Atlanta Bass Gallery. I am thoroughly impressed with the design, craftsmanship and most of all tone."

Dallas Magee


"After playing over 30 years in various bands and gigs, I retired from my main job and searched for a retirement present: a custom made bass. I thought I wanted a Tobias. I stopped looking when I spotted a 5 string spalted maple burl by Steve Sukop. I love this bass - looks, playability, it has it all! It is an art piece."

Walt Latour


"It doesn't matter how many basses that I think that I might need, When it comes to playing time I keep reaching for my Sukop! It's like no other!"

Tym (BassCrazy) Pahl


"Best bass among whole NAMM."

Jin Kim

"Thanks for making the best bass on the planet!"

Anna Marie DeVivo

"the only fretless bass I will play. Ever."

Jeremy Krull

"It's one of the finest basses ever made. I own a Six String single cut away and a Six String Fretless. The Fretless is about 9 years old. Still sounds and plays great."

Peter Roberts

"Best bass I've ever ever owned in my life. Great sound and feel. Won't change it for another."

Jose R. Granados Jr.

"More than just a BASS. It's an extension of you. One of the most well crafted Basses on the scene. And I own three. Puts its mark in every style of music from Smooth Jazz, Gospel, to Pop and Country Western."

Lorenzo "Sandman" Sands

"I own a beautiful 5 string that you made. I bought it in Rudy's - New York about a year ago. I'm finishing my degree at Berklee and I've played with my Sukop bass everywhere (recently at the Carnegie Hall). Thanks a million for this amazing bass."

Andrés Rot

"Nothing like this bass on the planet. Your design is, to me, an archetype of the progressive electric instrument, and yet has a classical finesse. This bass is capable of time travel. Thanks Steve!"

John Fay

"Slapping on a Sukop is easy like bouncing a basket ball."

Joseph Reed

"I have a single cut 6, and a double cut 5... I just LOVE your instruments !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Glenn Olds

"I tried a fretless four at NJ Guitar & Bass Center in 2001 and after 30 seconds I said "Sold!" She plays like butter! I've never played a better bass. My Alembics gathered dust after I brought her home (never played them again). Now a little battle scarred from hundreds of gigs, she's my workhorse and I bring her everywhere. I am always complemented on my tone."

John MacDonald

"I've owned my custom Sukop 6 string for nearly 12 years now and it's THEE bottom line in bass guitars. I've played Alembics, Ken Smith, Sadowski, Fodera (runs a close second), Pedulla, Benevente, and a host of others. In my humble opinion, the Sukop Contrabass is insurpassable in EVERY aspect. Tone, looks, feel, and durability. I'll neverpart with this bass, EVER."


"One of the first comments I always receive when I pull my Sukop Custom 5 out of its case is "wow what a nice looking bass". Then when I plug it in and fire it up the second comment I always receive is "wow your bass sounds killer". As a matter of fact at a studio session this last March in Nashville the engineer/producer offered to buy the bass on the first song I recorded! I will never sell this bass. It goes everywhere I go. It has been a workhorse and will continue to be my main bass. Thank you Stephen for a really nice looking and sounding instrument!"

Merlin Shippy


"I was spending more than a thousand dollars every year on basses then I decided to buy the Sukop and everybody knows that I have the best bass among the bass players from Haiti."

Perin Joseph


"I picked this bass up and decided that it had to go home with me!!!"

Vincent "6stringer" Person

“I can’t say enough about the bass. Your work is superb! This beautiful crafted semi hollow six string (#345) is pure pride and joy. The overall sound, tone and playability is just absolute nails! Every time I pick it up something new comes out. It was truly worth every penny and now I am saving for a Sukop fretless. I won’t compromise, no other fretless will do.”

Troy Bell, Salt Lake City, UT